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About us

We are a team of like-minded people who want to build great products in a collegial atmosphere where both the people and products are given the space for creative and technical genius to flourish.



We have a great team of Ruby specialists that are the core of our company. The language allows us to build fantastic apps really fast.



Our experienced iOS developers have been working and delivering exceptional apps that make people's life more comfortable and convenient for number of years.



Our Android team is committed to develop mobile apps with a better user experience that strive to improve human's lifestyle.



A number of our developers are highly skilled when it comes to JavaScript and they can deliver top-notch web and connected TV apps.



Our HTML5 team is composed of young professionals with enthusiasm to bring exceptional designs to life and new practical application experience to users.



Our design team is all senior UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) experts with deep experience designing for web, desktop, mobile and connected TV interfaces.



We have a small team of DB and SysAdmin specialists. These colleagues are highly skilled in creating complex database architectures with a variety of database types, from MySQL to PostgreSQL and MongoDB.



Our PHP team have built a complex video monetisation platform using PHP exclusively, as well as a variety of smaller, less complex projects.

As evidenced by our client work, we go beyond approaching a project as one task at a time; beyond completing enough to technically fulfil a brief. We want the products we build to be as good as they possibly can.

Our work



Loop is a super simple content management app for iOS, Android, PC, MAC and TV box. Use it to sync videos and images across all your devices, and to share with others.

  • Show the world a little about who you are and what makes you great. Upload your great stories and your wonderful times.
  • Share your photos and videos with just the right people.
  • Look into some memorable moments.

Customers: Telekom Macedonia


OTT (Over the Top TV)

OTT enables the user to watch TV anywhere and on every device connected to the internet (smartphone, tablet or a PC). With OTT watch over 60 domestic or foreign TV channels in motion with HD quality.

  • Watch TV programs live.
  • OTT Guide.
  • Pausing, rewinding and bringing back contents.
  • Reminder for favorite TV content.
  • Review of the content broadcasted in the last 72 hours.
  • Access to OTT Videostore (soon).

Customers: Telekom Macedonia, Telekom Montenegro

Developed in partnership with: Morescreens


SMS Gateway

SMSGW is a product that allows users of the system to create and manage ports, routes, services, queues and view logs for all activities within the system.

It can provide type of interfaces and services towards existing systems of the Telco operator and Partner VAS applications.

SMSGW is a central point for integration of VAS services to Partners. It is placed in the IT Network of Telco operators and has access to the SMSC, DB and IT LAN to which Partners have controlled access through Internet.

Customers: Telekom Macedonia



Showroom is a multimedia platform that allows you to seamlessly switch between different types of media and directly full screen them to a number of devices.

  • Control Admin Centre.
  • Live view of broadcasted program.
  • Remote control of all devices.
  • Scheduling presentations.
  • Switch from video presentations to smartphone simulators.

Customers: Telekom Macedonia



Loyalty is a reward program offered by a company to customers who frequently make purchases.

  • Retain existing customers.
  • Win-back defected & lost customers.
  • Best customer marketing.
  • Create brand advocates.
  • Acquire new customers.
  • Increase customers life time value.
  • Build relationships.
  • Plans merchandising more intelligently.

Telenor Mobile Bank Application

Telenor bank is the first bank in the region where banking is done differently - fully mobile. They are offering you innovative digital banking services, simple to use and available anytime and anywhere.

  • Get Credits using a mobile application.
  • Pay bills with a click on a mobile phone.
  • Check banking account status.
  • Apply for bank services on your mobile.

Customers: Telenor Bank Serbia

Developed in partnership with: ASSECO


Gifts and Online Shopping

Gifts and Online Shopping is a mobile application which enables the user to buy products online for a specific person or yourself.

  • App for sharing gifts via FB messenger and email.
  • Place that Merchants can promote their products.

Customers: GAPP AS Norway



IoT transforms your house or apartment into an intelligent home. The user-friendly apps make home automation for residents via smartphone as easy as surfing the Internet.

  • Control your blinds, lights, air-conditioning and a lot more with a simple click.
  • Save energy when you are not home.
  • Set the mood from the distance of your home.

HR System

HR System is a human resource tool for managing, assessing and communicating with job applicants.

  • Job application system
  • LinkedIN integration
  • Managing and assessing job applicants

Customers: Gullers Sweden

Developed in partnership with: Ten IT Sweden


Business Websites

We specialize in website design, custom development, mobile apps. Our team of highly-skilled professionals can build any type of website you have in mind. The websites we create start from simple one page designs to complex websites using custom management systems for your specific needs. Our websites are fully responsive for all devices and browsers.

Customers: Genova Property Group Sweden, Lawyer Jakimovska Maja

Genova Property group is developed in partnership with: Ten IT Sweden



Make payments anytime, anywhere. mWallet is a digital wallet service that lets users pay their utility bills using iPhone or Android smartphones. The mobile application allows for seamless one-click payment with stored credit cards.


Stopanska Banka Bitola

The mobile bank app gives you a complete set of banking tools at your fingertips. Easily, conveniently and securely manage your finances – whenever and wherever you happen to be.

The application is extremely user-friendly and has an attractive layout with clear visuals and easy navigation and includes all the functions you might need for your day-to-day banking.


United Service Application

USA is an easy to use, proactive and personalized application that merges fixed and mobile services of Telekom in one easy to use, seamless application. The app offers self-service experience in the face of a more demanding customer base, by reducing inbound call volumes, unifying the support channels and minimizing waiting times. It is also a secure platform to manage all payments and service transactions at the click of the button.






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1000 Skopje, Macedonia



Stockholm, Sweden
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